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Volcanic Climbing in Mgahinga National Park

Volcanic Climbing in Mgahinga National Park

Mgahinga National Park is situated in the south western corner of Uganda, it is the smallest ecosystem of Uganda straddling along the border of Uganda and Rwanda, and it was initially home to one gorilla family, until the gorilla group that recently crossed for Rwanda added on the number of primates in the conservation area, it is the only place of Uganda to see golden monkeys, they live within the bamboo forest region of the park feeding on the young bamboo shoots, there are three of the eight volcanoes, present in the national park some of these shared with the neighboring states of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo The volcanoes angelically mark the southern limit of the great Albertine rift valley , It is one of the coldest places of the country situated at an altitude of 2227-4127m above sea level. Volcanic Climbing in Mgahinga National Park is a truly adventurous experience in Uganda.

Volcanic climbing in the national park takes place on the park peaks Mgahinga, Muhabura and Sabinyo they begin at the Ntebeko visitor center a viewing platform, the three peaks can be climbed, not much equipment is needed for the hikes but one must prepare to be physically fit the volcanic peaks are placed at Muhabura (4127m), Sabinyo (3669m), and the Mgahinga at (3474m). Muhabura means ‘the guide’ named in the 19th century when the mountain used to glow providing a natural light for travelers, Sabinyo’s rim earns itsname an ‘old man’s teeth’ due to its weathered rugged nature of the rocks at the top hill.

The locals popularly term Mgahinga  as a pile of stones and are visible in Kisoro town and around the Mgahinga region, climbing through to the summit of the peak takes 6-7 hours passing through a bamboo forest, mountain Sabinyo has three peaks shared amongst three countries Uganda, Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo, this implies that one has a chance to step in the three countries, it is possible to hike the ragged mountain only in Uganda to the summit is approximately 8 hours depending on the speed of the last hiker, mountain Muhabura is the tallest of the volcanoes caped with a small beautiful crater lake passing through different vegetative zones it enables clear views of Lake Edward and Mountain Rwenzori on a lucky day you may have chance to see the golden monkeys.

Besides the Volcanic Climbing in Mgahinga National Park, there are several activities that can be carried out these include tracking mountain gorillas, tracking golden monkeys, guided nature walks, mountain climbing, preferably one can have a boat cruise along the lake Mutanda and Lake Mulehe. It is advisable to carry hiking boots, hand gloves, warm long sleeved clothes, hats, insect repellants, rain gear, and water proof cameras for phones, cameras and any other personal equipment for travel. The park can be visited all year round it should be noted that its climate is coldest most times of the year even during the dry seasons, it experiences no exact dry season due to the high altitude.

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