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East African countries are among the best places to see wildlife and accessing these countries requires you to have a tourist Visa that permits your entry in each of the countries. The one East African Tourist Visa works for only Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, the rest of the country you are required to purchase a separate visa this on is very important document you need to consider before even getting flights as it plays a key role in your entry to the countries.

East African Tourist Visa

The Visa gives permission authority to have access to three East African countries Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, the rate that is charged for accessing the three countries is $100, it grants a multiple entry valid for 90 days’ visas can be applied manually or online by submitting the East African visa form to websites, you can make payments manually at a nearby embassy of each of the mentioned countries. Initially it was challenging to travel to all the countries as you had to go through a whole process of applying for visa in each state, currently it is among the easiest things to do for you only need one.

The East African Tourist Visa is as a result of a joint venture to boost and create opportunities and diversification of the economy of the three states and to boom tourism as one, the person eligible to the east African tourist visa is one who has intensions to travel to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda for tourism purposes, it should be noted that the visa is only valid for tourism, it cannot therefore be used in other events like work of visiting family. What you need to apply for an east African visa: A valid colored passport size photograph it has to be present with no glasses, caps or head gears, a passport valid at least 6 months after the date of travel, a completed application form, a visa application letter, applying for visa determines the country within which your travels begin for example if it is Uganda, you will have to start from Uganda, the visa after 90 days can’t be extended.

In order to have a visa, one requires to have an itinerary to the destination and a return flight ticket, it is faster to obtain an online visa provided you have all the necessary requirements needed to acquire one. It should be noted that the East African Tourist Visa only is accepted in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Tanzania has got a very different visa policy from the other east African countries implying that there will be extra costs to buy another visa. Each of the countries has a single visa in case your intensions are to move to one country, the Ugandan visa priced at $50, a national identity card or passport dating at least 6 months before expiry, and a valid travel document to present at the border mostly the yellow fever vaccination card  everyone is eligible to the tourist visa irrespective of their origins including students studying in different states for as long as they are within east Africa, this visa is exempted from work and longer stays in a different country.

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