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How to choose a Ugandan Tour Operator

How to choose a Ugandan Tour Operator

Uganda is a beautiful country in East Africa, also known as the pearl of Africa, it’s natural composition had made it a hotspot for many travelers, the presence of many savannah national parks, tropical rain forest all of which have got lovely flora and fauna, it is a number one destination to see the critically endangered species of the mountain gorillas, it is for this reason that there have emerged many tour operators, most of these are real and do exists but does not rule out the fact of fraud and theft online, hence it is very important to understand how to vet and choose a tour operator in Uganda, here are some of the things to look out when thinking of who should take you for your great adventure safari, a tour operator can make it break your journey. In this article we discuss how to choose a Ugandan Tour Operator.

Check their websites, a good company will always have websites with products that they are selling, mind the about us page it will tell you a lot about the company, lookout for how long they gave been in business, it will show you memberships within which they are present, registration with legal companies is also a good sign that they will take you to where ever you any to go in Uganda, read the packages they have online including tour itineraries, travel blog / news. Their contact number online should be smart as that you call or being used to reach out to you.

A good tour company must be registered with tourism umbrellas in Uganda for example the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), this is assurance that incase of anything they can easily be tracked down and found easily, the company ought to have bank accounts in their company names it is very important not to send money to individual accounts or using money gram and money transfer platforms. Presence of tour company of tourism selling platforms like your African safaris, safari bookings, TripAdvisor is important most of these have review sections of what people think of their company and advise from those who have travelled with the company, at least here you will have a clear picture of who really you are dealing with, social media presence and in how long they post on their platforms, media pages like twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn mostly these ones.

Communication is key with a company, notice how fast these companies are responding to your communications, the faster the better, and this ought to be information in response to your line of questions, product knowledge from the tour operator is a key indicator that they are in business and understand what they are selling, they should to be flexible with the itinerary and willingness to adjust it to what you would like it to look like in not so long. Uganda is a safe country that can be visited all throughout the year, it is full of hospitable people who will show case the world for you mostly to the national protected Conservation areas.

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