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Boat Cruise along the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Boat Cruise along the Kazinga Channel

Kazinga channel is a park feature in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Western part of Uganda. It is the country’s second largest bio diverse environment known for the tree climbing lions south of the park in the Ishasha sector. A Boat Cruise along the Kazinga Channel is a thrilling experience. The Kazinga channel is not only the key highlights of the national park but also a great one of the African safari, it is along channel of water joining 2 rift valley Lakes of Edward and George, the 32 kilometer channel of the park is situated adjacent to the Mweya peninsula, the narrow stream is fed by small streams from mountain Rwenzori. Most the animal species in the national park gather around the premises, the channel is known for the highest concentration of hippos in the world.

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The Kazinga Channel is one of the best places to see wildlife, you will be surprised by how many animal species that you will see, expect large number of hippos, crocodiles, African elephants, African buffaloes, waterbucks, bush bucks, on a beautiful day you may get a chance to see predators like lions, leopards and hyenas, the queen Elizabeth national park is a haven of birds, the Kazinga Channel is one of the best places to see birds while in the park, example species include the African skimmers, African fish eagles, open billed stocks, jacanas, Abyssinian ground hornbills, plovers, African fish eagles among other bird kinds.

The boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel is one if the bets experiences in the park, it is among the very first places of Uganda to accept doing boat cruises since the 1950’s, it is done in the morning at 9:00am east African time and 2pm , each of these lasts for 2 hours the bat safari sets of at the Mweya safari lodge in the park offering some on the best views of the park, the slow ride along the channel, exposes the vast number of wildlife and the fishing villages. The best time to visit the park is during the dry season of the park between June- September and December-February, the low lying water levels everywhere in the park leads to animals  coming around the channel and hence higher populations.

Other park activities game drives in the Kasenyi plains and the southern sector Ishasha, they are toppled together with the boat cruise to bring to out the very best of the national park, through the well distributed game tracks you will be in position to spot the many wildlife of the park, experiential it is the best way to be assured of seeing Lions, Birding in the park is done in any of the sectors as there are many birds placed in the forest and the savannah plains some of which are endemics of the great Albertine rift valley region. The Boat Cruise along the Kazinga Channel is a special time to see most of the African wildlife, it best enjoyable when you take a camera for beautiful pictures, binoculars, water proof covers for phone covers and cameras, insect repellants, long sleeved trousers and shirts. Take a Boat Cruise along the Kazinga Channel.

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