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Golden Monkey Tracking in Uganda

Golden Monkey Tracking in Uganda

Golden Monkey Tracking in Uganda is done in Mgahinga National Park. Golden monkeys are critically endangered species of the great Albertine rift valley region. They live within the bamboo forest region of Mgahinga National Park in the southwestern part of Uganda covering an area space of approximately 33.7 square kilometers, the conservation area is an extension of the great Virunga region from Rwanda. It hosts three of the volcanic mountains of Mghainga, Sabinyo, Muhabura, along the sloppy mountains is a growing thick forest hosting several animal species including the golden monkeys, mountain gorillas, mountain duikers, and other forest creatures. The golden monkeys live within the bamboo forest region of the park.

Golden monkeys live in groups of up to 100 members led by a male alpha. They have got a number of colors in black, grey and golden brown, these are characterized by their social behavior, herbivorous nature feeding on the forest young bamboo, seasonal fruits, leaves, and occasionally small invertebrate species. Golden monkeys live amicably in the forest together with other forest creatures like the mountain gorillas, tracking golden monkeys is one of the most angelic things to do while in the national park, the activity begins in the early morning by 8:00am East African time, it takes 2-3 hours in search of the primates, en-route expect to meet several animal and plant species some of which will be explained by your guide of the day, an hour is allowed while with the golden monkeys, take pictures and enjoy their presence, they are fast primates but also give the best picture shoots, so if you must take one it is wise to set your camera ready, the tracking process involves hikers first setting off to the park to find the species later which they communicate to the head guide before setting off.

Mgahinga national park is managed by the Uganda wildlife authority, some rules and regulations have been put in place to help protect primates from harming humans or humans harming them, for example maintaining the 7-meter rule, guests with communicable diseases are not allowed in the forest, children under the age of 15 years are not permitted to do the activity unless authorized by parents, a chimpanzee permit costs $60 for foreign nonresidents, $50 for foreign residents and 40,000 Uganda shillings for the east African community. For one to enjoy the best of the national park and activity, it is important to carry warm clothes, raingear, insect repellants, waterproof hiking boots, consider physical fitness

The national park can be visited all year round but is best during the dry season between June-July and December- February these are the drier months of the year in Uganda with easy access on trails, the park can be accessed by road from Kampala or Entebbe moving for approximately 9 hours via Kisoro, charter flights can be arranged in Kampala Kajjansi to the destination or Entebbe International Airport. Other things to do in the national park include gorilla trekking carried out in the park, which begins early at 8:00am east African time, birding in the national park, and mountain climbing to mention a few.

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