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For any African safari trip to be successful, one requires to use a car to beat through most of the terrain places of the savannah and tropical rainforest national parks, hence it is important to consider hiring a car for the prefect journey, Uganda is comprised of many national conservation areas, each of these is placed at a distance hence requires a car to reach to the conservation area, car rental services are at the best affordable prices, to either Rwanda or Uganda, example Safari Car Hire vehicles include 4×4 wheel car drive, safari vans, safari land cruisers, mini buses,  he vehicles have been modified to take  a number of people depending on the guests, perfect for the jungle tour.

Safari Car Hire

Uganda is a leading destination with 10 national parks most of these are located distant distributed in the northern, eastern, western and south western part of the country, most of these are situated along the floor of the great Albertine rift valley region for example the queen Elizabeth national park is known for the tree climbing lions and is the second largest national park in Uganda, it is termed as a haven of birds due to its high concentration, Lake Mburo National Park to the south western corner, this one is home to the critically endangered mountain gorillas together with Mgahinga National Park an extension of the great Virunga volcanic region. Other national parks include, Lake Mburo National Park, Mountain Elgon National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Rwenzori National Park.

Vehicles rented out to the destination include Safari vans, Land cruisers, mini vans, drones, these have been modified to meet the best standard of your dream car to the destination, they at most times have enough leg room, the rooms are mostly used in the savannah national parks, the 4×4 wheel car is designed to meet the best of the terrain, the clear windows of the Vehicle and pop roof top enhance proper views of wildlife within the national conservation areas. Depending on the type of car that you will choose, it is important to confirm your anticipated arrival time, number of people. Ethically avoid being in trouble with your diver or guide these people can make or break your journey in Africa.

All vehicles are offered with an English speaking guide, if by any chance you will require on that speaks a language of your choice it is important to communicate on time, Uganda is a beautiful country that can be visited all year round, it is however best during the drier months of the year between June – September and December – Febuary, the game routes and hiking in the different destinations can be easily accessed, popular activities of Uganda include mountain gorilla trekking in the western part of Uganda, chimpanzee tracking in the Kibale Forest National Park and the Kyambura Gorge, birding in Uganda, guided nature walks, wildlife game drives to mention a few. Each of these destinations is kilometers away from each other however visits can be combined to the destination taking you all around the country.

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