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Kidepo Valley National Park is located in the northernmost remote corner of Uganda. It is one of the most unique environments to see endemic species. There are wildlife kinds present in the national park but cannot be seen anywhere else in Uganda, this is one of the virgin places of Africa, harboring several animal species, the wildlife national park is a true African wilderness bisected into 2. In the Narus Valley and the Kidepo Valley, there are 2 rivers along the floor of the national park. The Narus valley has water most of the year, and hence a high concentration of wildlife species. The park covers an area space of approximately 1442 square kilometers.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park experiences a semi-arid environment lying in between the rugged mountains of the Morungole, along its borders with South Sudan, the park was gazette in 1962 as a way of protecting the vast game living within the national park, example species include zebras, rock hyrax, bat-eared fox, buffaloes, vervet monkeys, lions that love to lie along the many kopjes of the national park, leopards, it should be noted that the national park has got the highest concentration of African buffaloes in Uganda, these love to lie along the foot base of the drying rivers on the Narus valley along which are dotted beautiful Borassus palms and the common sausage tree. Kidepo has a high concentration of birds, over 476 birds have been recorded in the national park with a common species of the ostrich, northern carmine bee-eater, sunbirds, guinea fowls, and African fish eagles to mention a few.

Game drives in the national park take place on the early morning in order to catch the morning risers, the morning time is a busy one in the wilderness, as most of the animals come out to graze, afternoon time and in the evening time it is one place to conduct night game drives, it takes 2-3 hours doing the game drives through the well distributed game tracks, the park is one of the best adventure places to see wildlife, other activities include bird watching in the national park, guided nature walks, visiting the Karamojong of northern Uganda are a very indigenous group of people who recently are changing due to civilization, the local community were originally cattle keepers and believed that all cows in the region belonged to them they kept on raiding from the neighboring communities but with time this changed and continued living in harmony with other community members, they can be visited to see the old Karamojong Manyattas, their traditional spears and arrows, bows, stools, beads and jewelry.

The communities live in small villages known as Manyattas, there a a few communities that we can visit to experience the true African wildlife venture for example the Lorukul community, Kawalakal, and the IK tribe living in the mountains of the Morungole, drives to the mountain take up to the whole day, experiencing the best of the national park.

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