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Golden Monkey trekking in Rwanda is the best iconic experience to track and encounter these rare primate species. There are over 4,000 golden monkeys in the jungle, and is the last stronghold of the golden monkey which can be tracked through its bamboo habitat at the edge of Volcanoes National Park.

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3 Days Gorilla and Golden Monkey Tracking Tour

As with gorillas, contact time with this rare primate is limited to an hour. They are amazing to watch within the trees, and one should not miss out on this activity while on a safari to the Volcanoes and is the most memorable experience.

Golden Monkey trekking in Rwanda is the second leading tourist activity experience within Volcanoes National Park and a Golden monkey is the most beautiful creature within the Park due to its striking colors. Golden Monkey trekking is normally carried out in the morning hours which commences with regulations of the Park at its headquarters as that of gorilla trekking and you are most likely to spend fewer hours with the Park during your golden monkey trekking experience.

A Golden Monkey trekking permit costs $100.00 per person per trek.

Without a doubt, your golden monkey trek in Rwanda gets a mix of play and adventure. Add this to your holiday safari in Africa and it is simply superb for you. It’s better than ever before, setting a whole new level in the world of adventure and discovery.

Best time to do the Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda.

Golden Monkey Trekking is highly recommended during the two dry seasons when the park is easily accessed. It is during this time that the thick forests can be penetrated easily and when the paths are not as muddy as it is in the rainy season.

The two dry seasons best for Golden Monkey trekking are; mid-December to the end of February and June to September. However, the gorilla tracking expedition is possible and rewarding throughout the year. So, enjoy the best safari which is undoubtedly the planet’s most thrilling experience that you can meet while on a journey in Rwanda.

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