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Uganda is an angelic country full of wonders, it is landlocked in East Africa and known as the Pearl of Africa. There are waters embodied in the country, meeting waters begin at the Entebbe international airport from the Lake Victoria. Boat Cruise Tours in Uganda take place on various water bodies in Uganda. The experiences are amazing. They are encountered in conservation areas which gives the offer to view the wildlife of Uganda living within the ecosystem places to do boat cruises include; Lake Victoria boat cruise along the Victoria Nile in Murchison falls national park, boat cruise along the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park along the Lake Mburo.

Boat Cruise Tours in Uganda

Boat cruises along Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is the largest water body in Uganda occupying most of the southeastern part of Uganda it is shared with the other neighbouring state of Kenya, and Tanzania, boat cruise on the lake is one of the top excellent things to do, the cruises along the lake will take you to the Ngamba island, this home to the orphaned chimpanzees of the wilderness, chimpanzees are said to share up to 98 % of the human DNA they are characterized by their social behaviors, there are wonderful sunset boat cruises organized, along the cruises you will see several species of birds and a few scattered animal species of the area.

Queen Elizabeth National Park boat cruise is conducted along the Kazinga channel, the long stream connects 2 rift valley lakes of Edward and George, and several animal species gather around the gorge to feed, it is done in the mid-morning and afternoon time, the channel is such alovely place to take a 2-3 hour cruise, you will be treated to popular sights of African elephants, buffaloes, waterbucks, hippos, there are many water birds that you will spot including African fish eagles, sunbirds, pelicans,guinea fowls to mention a few. Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the western part of Uganda popular for the tree-climbing lions in the southern sector of Ishasha.

Boat cruise to the bottom of the falls in Murchison Falls National Park it is one of the best safari parks to go on holiday it is bisected into 2 by the Victoria Nile, the famous feature of the park is the great Murchison fall after which it was named, along the Victoria Nile the park is Uganda’s largest and oldest park, it is one place to see the so-called big four of the wilderness, the boat cruise takes place for 2-3 hours expect to meet water animals like hippos and the basking Nile crocodiles on a lucky day you spot the critically endangered shoe bill stock along the marshy swampy, African fish eagles, goliath herons, piapiac, sunbirds, Abyssinian ground hornbills, to mention a few. The boat cruise is done in the morning time at 9:00am, and the afternoon time at 2:00pm other animals to be seen here include kobs, Jackson hartebeests, warthogs, and elephants to mention a few.

Lake Mburo National Park is a great way to explore wildlife, the park is strategically underlined by Precambrian rocks, and it is historically known to have been occupied by the Ankole pastoralists, boat cruises in the national park are conducted along Lake Mburo in the morning and afternoon times. Expect to see animals like zebras, warthogs, hippos, elands, topi. Contact us to know more about Boat Cruise Tours in Uganda.

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