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Uganda is an angelic country rich with culture, there is a mixed cultural setup in the country placed with different ethnic groups (Bantu, Nilotics, Nilo harmites). Uganda’s culture is well known across Africa and the world at large, and each of these groups uniquely identified themselves with different norms, traditions, food concepts and way of doing things. Cultural Expeditions in Uganda can be seen by going and visiting communities. This gives a chance to know and understand the realities of life and how the authentic Ugandans lives during their day today life, visiting cultural sites and enjoy the traditional music and dances.

Cultural Expeditions in Uganda

Uganda is well known for its several wildlife species, situated in the national conservation areas, these have indigenous local tribes living around the national parks with a rich historic background, the Batwa cultural community is the last remaining group of short-structured people in the country, they lived in the forest together with other forest creatures, due to conservation purposes these were evicted from the park and continued living around the park, they showcase their tradition they will show you the forest through their eyes, teach you how they used to live and hunt, make fire without the modern day matches or lighters. The Batwa have become so few, many of which have intermarried with the neighboring communities of the Bakonjo and Bakiga people. The forest is popular for half the population of the world’s remaining group of mountain gorillas, these live within the forest without being captivated, it is placed in the southwestern corner of Uganda.

Cultural experiences in Kidepo Valley National Park the national park is experienced within the communities of Lorukul, Kawalakal, and Ik community, the Karamojong live in a unique environment with their ways of life, they are in communities around each other in manyattas, they will perform their cultural dances, jumps and songs, show you around the manyattas, 5the experience is great to venture through a new culture. The Ik community lives in the Morungule mountains tucked and enclosing the conservation area, enroute, you will view a few animal species like waterbucks, and Jackson hartebeests to mention a few.

Visit the Igongo Cultural Center in Mbarara. It is a great center to experience the culture, it has a brief research center where there are artefacts s of the old Ankole and generational items are collected, the cultural center is one state of the art, in Ankole takes a tour to the Nsheyi village, guests are allowed to participate in the milk processing, milking the cows, preparing meals,  we will enjoy the traditional dancing of the people of western culture and have a chance to taste their local food cuisine. The Bagisu of eastern Uganda and Kalenjins practice an annual circumcision, this is done in even years only and if you visit in season you will be chanced to see the whole traditional (Kadodi dance and Chekwoyet for the Kalenjins), the experience is a great one, this group of people lives along the slopes of Mountain Elgon the commonly refer the forest to as mountain Masaba. Learn more about Cultural Expeditions in Uganda.

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