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Stay at Ndali Lodge, one of the most beautiful places during your visit to Kibale Forest National Park and enjoy breathtaking views. Magnificent views stretching over beyond the stunning Crater Lakes and the Blue walls of the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains are enjoyed from the comfort of Ndali Lodge’s luxurious cottages. Delicious dishes, steaming hot baths, or swimming pools provide the much-needed rejuvenation before/after your adventures in Kibale Forest National Park.

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Ndali Lodge, Fort Portal, Uganda
Ndali Lodge, Fort Portal, Uganda

Rooms and amenities at Ndali Lodge

Ndali Lodge has 8 Cottages and 1 honeymoon Suite/Cottage that provide breathtaking views of the verdant surrounding environment that include part of the Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes. The cottages include large and comfortable beds, wooden floors with soft carpets, private bathrooms (with bathtubs, and flushing toilets), and a private veranda with comfortable seats for relaxing while enjoying great views of the stunning surroundings.

Facilities and services at the Lodge

Indoor and outdoor dining options are available at Ndali Lodge’s restaurant with breathtaking views of the Crater Lake while enjoying the sounds of chirping birds.

A wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be enjoyed from the Ndali Bar while taking in one of the best views a Safari Lodge can ever provide.

The swimming pool is a wonderful stop point for relaxing and cooling off after a long day of activities like chimpanzee trekking, forest walks, Bigodi Wetland Walks, birding, or community walks.

Safari activities enjoyed at Ndali Lodge

This beautiful safari lodge is a wonderful base for exploring one of the most stunning safari destinations in Uganda, because Kibale Forest National Park known as the “Primate Capital of the World”. The majority of this Lodge’s guests take part in chimpanzee tracking tours to learn about the interesting human-like behavior of chimps, our closest relatives in the animal Kingdom.

Being only 45-minutes’ drive from this National Park, visitors can also take part in forest birding, guided forest walks, forest birding, and visits to the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary to see lots of wetland bird species (such as the Great Blue Turacos, the African Marsh Harrier, papyrus gonolek, the Black-billed Turaco, to mention but a few).

Ndali Lodge guests have the rare opportunity of visiting the Ndali Vanilla farm and processing plant.

There are opportunities of undertaking guided walks around the Crater rims, local banana brewing areas, coffee terraces, and farms (of bananas, cassava, groundnut, and sorghum).

There’s a Lake jetty just below Ndali Lodge and these provide the opportunity of exploring the Lake via an inflatable two-man Kayak to spot different bird species and wildlife at the Lake shores.

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