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Bisate Lodge is a luxurious and award-wining rainforest accommodation facility at the backdrop of the stunning Virunga mountains landscape in Northern Rwanda. Like huge bird nests hidden into tree branches, this Lodge’s Vilas are simply breathtaking at the foothills of Volcanoes National Park. Its luxury, great location, and breathtaking views make it the perfect base in Africa to trek and spend time with the endangered mountain gorillas of the Virungas.

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Bisate Lodge, Rwanda
Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

Staying at Bisate Lodge isn’t simply about enjoying luxury and comfort but also celebrating life in Rwanda, ‘the land of a thousand hills’ because as it allows guests to embrace a nourishing garden-to-plate journey, visionary reforestation programs, verdant vegetation, abundant wildlife, lots of community adventures, and a strong passion to protect the natural beauty of the land and residents of the jungles.

This stupendous Lodge opened its doors in 2017 and since then, it has racked up 34 awards and still continues to inspire greatness, comfort and luxury. Thanks to its luxury amenities/facilities like a restaurant, wine cellar, library, and spa, this Lodge commands a great deal of hospitality that compete its natural wonders.

Rooms and amenities at Bisate Lodge

Bisate Lodge features 6 majestic en-suite Forest Villas that are incredibly designed to honor Rwandan Royalty, and provide breathtaking views over the brooding Karisimbi, Bisoke, and Mikeno Mountains. Each of the Villas features a spacious living area compete with a cozy sofa, a large and comfortable bed, a veranda with seats for unwinding while enjoying the views of Virunga Mountains and other natural surroundings, an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub, and many others.

Other Facilities and services offered at Bisate Lodge

This Lodge has a lush vegetable garden which is an ecosystem aimed at promoting sustainability and self-sufficiency. The Menu here is usually made up of seasonal, organic and nutritious ingredients for freshness, and most of these directly from the garden. Interestingly, Bisate Lodge also supports the local community by purchasing their produce- starchy potatoes, eggs, organic and free-range chicken.

The Lodge’s Kwanda (day lounge) is surprisingly the first of its kind in the country and is hidden in the organic vegetable garden thus making it a perfect place to retreat after/before your next adventure. You can also take a leisurely walk around the verdant gardens, enjoy a sumptuous meal, browse the curio shop for some of the country’s traditional crafts, or a massage to relax your body and soul.

Free Wi-Fi is provided to Bisate Lodge guests to make it possible to share the unforgettable wildlife experiences with friends or family back home, or continue with your business dealings while on Holiday.

Park and Lodge experiences enjoyed by Guests

Gorilla trekking is the main activity enjoyed by Bisate Lodge guests and this makes it possible to lock eyes with these unique Giant Apes as they go about their daily routines. Additionally, golden monkey tracking, Virunga Volcano climbing, the Dian Fossey gravesite hike, bird watching, and cultural tours are enjoyed by the guests. Guided nature and bird walks can be undertaken around the Lodge. Guests can enjoy guided nursery visits to make an impact on the environment.

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