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Apoka Safari Lodge is one of the most renowned accommodation facilities in Kidepo Valley National Park, providing intimate, private, and exceptional experiences to African wilderness lovers. This Lodge’s services are discreet and gentle, with the majority of the staff being from the local community, thus directly promoting the development of the local community. This is one of the few places that allow visitors to completely disconnect from the bustling city life and completely immerse in the beauty and seclusion of an unspoiled African wilderness.

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Apoka Safari Lodge, Kidepo Valley National Park
Apoka Safari Lodge, Kidepo Valley National Park.

This stupendous safari lodge provides more than just accommodation but also an opportunity to walk with some of the wildlife species, especially zebras, cape buffaloes, warthogs, and the Defassa waterbucks, as well as learn about the traditional Karamojong culture and ways of life.

The Lodge is situated in the heart of Kidepo Valley National Park, one of Uganda’s remotest Protected Areas in the northeastern side of the country. Guests here are treated to a secluded and serene natural environment that leaves a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. Thanks to its sweeping savannah plains, huge rocky outcrops, as well as diverse wildlife, Kidepo Valley National Park is every wildlife and nature lover’s place to be, and Apoka Safari Lodge provides unforgettable experiences.

Rooms and amenities at Apoka Safari Lodge

There are 10 canvas-walled chalets/cottages in Apoka Safari Lodge and 6 of these are doubles while 4 are twins. One extraordinary thing about these cottages is the fact that they provide guests with far-reaching views from the comfort of their private verandas. These cottages have en-suite bathrooms with showers (cold/hot running water), and outdoor rock tubs that make it possible for guests to soak themselves during a hot day while soaking in the magnificent views of the savannah plains and roaming wildlife.

Each of these chalets has a spacious seating area with comfortable chairs, and a private veranda with a couch for relaxing while watching wildlife (such as warthogs, bushbucks, waterbucks, cape buffaloes, and zebras) that occasionally roam around the cottages. There are no fences around Apoka Safari Lodge, thus guests are always surrounded by the Park’s rich wildlife species.

Other facilities and services enjoyed by Kidepo National Park guests

There is a beautiful and exceptional rock-carved swimming pool at Apoka Safari Lodge and this is where guests cool off and refresh during hot afternoons, especially after game drives and other park activities.

Bush breakfasts and sundowner cocktails can be arranged for guests on request, especially after game drives to provide an exceptional feeling of the African wilderness.

Things you can do while staying at Apoka Safari Lodge

Game drives through different tracks such as the Apoka lower loop are possible while staying at Apoka Safari Lodge, and this makes it possible to spot cape buffaloes, Topis, Jackson’s hartebeests, Rothschild’s giraffes, Elephants, Lions, cheetahs, leopards, spotted hyenas, Olive baboons, blue monkeys, to mention but a few.

Guided walks are also possible and this brings guests closer to Mother Nature and provides chances to see the difficult-to-spot species. Other must-do activities while staying at the Lodge are visits to the Karamojong villages, bird watching, and many others.


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