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White Water Rafting Experience in Uganda takes place in Jinja district in eastern Uganda along one of the world’s longest rivers Nile. It originated from Ripon falls from where it begins its journey to the world, Jinja town used to be a small town decorated with many sugarcane plantations and forested area, however, as years passed, it evolved into one of the best cities of Uganda, it is number one leading industrial center and tourism center as well, white water rafting is only done in Jinja in Uganda the rapid falls along the river Nile enable participating in this adventurous activity.

White Water Rafting Experience in Uganda

Jinja city is the source of beauty in eastern Uganda, the presence of many natural resources like the River Nile, and the shores of Lake Victoria have made it an excellent point not to miss on a typical Ugandan safari, water rafting takes a great water sport, it is one of the best things to reach you out on patience under pressure, the experience is one to be there and exercise, rafting takes place along the Nile in the most dramatic water points the rapids are graded in 4and 5 offering high water volumes and speed, despite the construction of dams (Bujagali) capsizing some of the grade five falls, Jinja has remained the best place for this activity. Water rafting begins in the early morning at 7:30am with briefing, participants are expected to leave their dry clothes and belongings in the Cars within which they arrived, the orientation is all about safety while in the water, they are always encouraged to keep calm in every situation mostly when the boat changes direction.

Travelers are the destination are given a chance to choose between, hard levels or simpler ones, the grade 3 water rafting is a much easier course, families can decide on taking a much slower boat along the calm waters of the Nile, must have things before the bait are paddles, helmets, life jackets, and water ropes, the challenge is so experiential a visitors are given the chance to choose on levels, depending on the number of votes you get for a route, the rapids of the falls get stronger as you go down, the whole experience entirely depends on how much your guide can go to get you through the waters, in cases where guests are not very experienced and meet large falls, they get off their rafting boats and walk around it.

White water rafting is safe, done by experienced guides, supplied with enough equipped gear, you will be trained before even getting to the water, the waters of the Nile are deep hence it is very difficult for one to touch a rock or even hit it during the activity. The cost of water rafting entirely depends on your company of choice for the activity, the beauty about the activity is that the companies are fully equipped with even cameras for great picture shots and memories. Other things to do in Jinja include horseback riding, visiting the source of the Nile, visit the Jinja bridge to mention a few. The city is situated approximately 4 hours a drive from Entebbe, charter flights can be arranged to the destination, and there is available accommodation in town ranging from the best budget to Luxury.

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