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The Canopy Walk in Nyungwe is one of the interesting adventures enjoyed by visitors in Rwanda, and it is the only place in East Africa offering this experience. The activity involves walking for several hours along a suspension bridge above the lush ravine in the montane rainforest of Rwanda’s oldest surviving montane rainforest- Nyungwe Forest. Visitors who participate in this invigorating activity are treated to the breathtaking views of the ancient treetop, a plethora of wildlife, lots of butterfly species, and other attractions in this outstanding Protected Area.

Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda
Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda

The suspension bridge through which the canopy walk in Nyungwe is done extends approximately 160 meters long and is about 70 meters above the forest floor, and is mainly explored as part of the Igishigishigi trail, or even the Umuyove and Imbaraga hiking trails.

The stunning Nyungwe Forest is particularly known for surviving the last Ice Age and is a biodiversity hot spot for lots of wildlife, birds, butterflies, and orchids. Just taking part in the one-hour walk to the renowned canopy walkway from the Uwinka Visitor Center is also a great way to see a lot of beautiful birds, colorful butterfly species, Orchids, and numerous plant species that include those endemic to the Albertine Rift region and Nyungwe Forest.

The 1000-square-kilometer Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the four National Parks in Rwanda, and shelters over 80 mammal species including 13 species of primates (such as Eastern chimpanzees, the red-tailed monkeys, L’Hoests monkeys, the Rwenzori colobus monkeys, and blue monkeys, to mention but a few), about 320 species of birds, about 100 butterfly species, and so much more.

How much does the Canopy walk in Nyungwe cost?

The Canopy walk in Nyungwe costs $40 per person for International visitors, $20 per person for foreign residents in Rwanda or the East African Community, and $5 per person for Rwandans and citizens from other East African community countries. However, this doesn’t include Park entry fees (that have to be paid). Entry fees for International visitors are $100 per person for a 1 day visit and $150 per person when visiting for two days.

When to go for the canopy walk in Nyungwe

The Canopy walk in Nyungwe is available throughout the year, although the drier months (June to September, and December to February) are preferred, owing to the lower chances of rains. This means the forest floor is less muddy and slippery thus making walks (especially leading to the suspension bridge) less challenging.

The months of March to May and October to early December are marked by peak precipitation levels in Nyungwe Forest and these make forest trails to be muddy and slippery. However, the good news is that the suspension bridge is generally not muddy or slippery regardless of rain.

What to wear/carry for the canopy walk in Nyungwe

The canopy walk is done in Nyungwe Forest and because of this, it is important to pack for a typical jungle adventure. For this reason, your packing list should include sturdy hiking boots, cotton socks, a wide-brimmed hat, a rain jacket, a good backpack for carrying items needed during the walk, a good camera with extra batteries and memory space, a pair of binoculars, gardening gloves, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts, comfortable and breathable safari pants in neutral colors, a reusable water bottle, energy-giving snacks, and on the day of the canopy walk, make sure to carry a walking stick.

Besides the canopy walk, other activities available in Nyungwe Forest National Park are chimpanzee tracking, other primate walks, forest walks/hiking, bird watching, tea plantation tours around the Forest, and evening community walks.

Accommodation options for Nyungwe Forest National Park visitors

Some of the common accommodation options for Nyungwe visitors are One & Only Nyungwe House, Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel, Gisakura Guesthouse, Nyungwe Nziza Ecolodge, Kitabi Eco-Center, and Chimpanzee Lodge among others.

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