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Established in 2020, Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge is one of the unmissable places to visit/stay in Uganda, especially if you are yearning for stunning views and comfort in the Rift Valley region. This exceptional Lodge is about 10 kilometers west of Fort Portal, in western Uganda, and boasts an extraordinary and visionary design that totally embraces breathtaking views over the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains (christened as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’), the verdant Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve, and the outstanding Blue Mountains in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Lake Albert.

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Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, Uganda
Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, Uganda

First, the architecture of Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge is one of a kind but its location on a ridge of the Great Rift Valley makes it a perfect place for honeymooners looking to unwind. Being one of the environmentally friendly places in the country, the Lodge aims to achieve and maintain a low carbon footprint by using locally sourced materials and operating over 80% with renewable energy like solar-powered hot water as well as electrical systems.

Rooms and amenities at Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge

Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge is comprised of exclusive Space pods with 120-degree panorama windows that provide guests with over 80 kilometers of views of the surrounding countryside including the Rwenzori Mountains as well as Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve in the vast area below the ridge. These rooms are known as “space pods” because they usually appear to float in space, especially at night. For clearer views of far and remote attractions, guests can take advantage of the telescope provided at the observatory deck.

5 of Aramaga’s Pods are double-roomed, with an option of single occupancy. These pods feature French double beds, wardrobes, and en-suite bathrooms with a shower, a desk, and a chair. There is a rooftop bathtub on each of the pods and this offers both cold and hot water thus making it possible to relax with a drink while enjoying the surrounding views.

Other facilities and services at the Lodge

The Lodge’s restaurant is capable of accommodating up to 14 guests per sitting, with a wide range of organic, healthy local and international cuisines prepared by the experienced head chef and served by friendly waiters/waitresses. For your convenience and comfort, you can choose to dine from the left or right wing of the main lodge building. Additionally, meals can be enjoyed from the Lounge area, the poolside, or the observatory.

Talking of the observatory, it is the famous viewing platform for stargazers but also a wondering place to dine with great views.

The swimming pool is strategically located to provide magnificent views of the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve in the savannah plains below and on a normal day, you will feel the sky and clouds just above the Lodge.

There are three fireplace areas at Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge and these are capable of accommodating varying group sizes. The fireplace at the Lounge area is mainly used during the wet season (especially March to May, and October to November) while the one outside is perfect for guests relaxing at the observatory deck.

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